Thursday, January 7, 2010

Accountant on-call program

Army Post Accounting
1600 SW Army Post Rd.
Des Moines, IA 50315

Professional’s phone: 515.285.5544

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Army Post Accounting announces new “Accountant on-call” service for small businesses

Chris Mendelsohn President of Army Post Accounting, located at 1600 SW Army Post Rd., announced that with a lot of businesses needing help with their accounting, but may not have the resources to pay for a monthly bookkeeper; there is a need for a service that is inexpensive and a way to avoid problems with the IRS down the road.

For the yearly fee of $250.00, which can be paid in 10 monthly payments of $25.00 or a one-time discounted payment of $225.00, you get a lot of value.

“Accountant on-call” Includes:

24 questions per year. (24 hour turnaround time on answers)
Your 2009 or 2010 Personal tax return free with full payment.
Unlimited Notary Services.
Discounted bookkeeping fees.
$50.00 for a Computer Cleaning & Windows update.
Other discounted fee based services also available.
Weekend availability for member’s questions.

To set your appointment please call Army Post Accounting at 515-285-5544

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